Terms and Conidtions


The Academy– means ‘Limber Gymnastic Academy’.

 “Program” Flexible or Inflexible Membership

Flexible Membership” includes Seeds Group, Blossoms Group, and Squads Badge 1.

Non-flexible Membership” includes all other groups that are not covered by the Flexible Membership defined above.

Seeds Group” represents the group that covers members of ages from 1.5 years to 3 years old, and could be part of Artistic or Rhythmic Gymnastics Programs, and is designed for all levels.

Blossoms Group” represents the group that cover members of ages from 4 to 3 years old, and could be part of Artistic or Rhythmic Gymnastics Programs, and is designed for all levels.

“Squads Badge 1” represents the group that cover members of ages from 6 to 12 years old, and could be part of Artistic or Rhythmic Gymnastics Programs, and is designed for beginners’ level.

“Member” Any individual enrolled to any of Limber’s programs defined herein after, and includes guardians of the individual.


  • Potential members have the right to choose a membership program plan of their preference. Provided that some memberships may not be advisable for each member based on the assessment of the coach.
  • The Academy may reschedule class times to ensure each member gets the right and appropriate attention and care. In all events, the Member will be notified by either telephone, text, email or in class notices about such re-scheduled sessions.
  • The Academy will have holiday schedules as published each year in Social Media accounts and/or as shared via email or text messages directed to the main contact information as provided at the time of the registration.
  • A position in a class will only be held for the period a member is enrolled in.
  • Subject to each Membership Program Plan, a member shall comply with the provided instructions herein (Absence/ Freeze of sessions).
  • For the Academy’s assurance in providing the best training sessions with the highest quality and care, each session will be limited to a certain number of Members.
  • A schedule for each member shall be communicated by the Academy prior to the commencement of each membership Program Plan.

Payments policy

  • Limber classes are planned based on a designed membership Program plan as recommended by Limber’s coach.
  • Based on the selected Membership Program Plan, the payment shall be made in full in advance to confirm the registration process

Absence/ Freeze of sessions:

  • Flexible Membership allows its members to freeze their membership for up to two (2) sessions, with no additional fees. Provided that such freeze/absence shall be communicated to the club at least two days in advance. Such notification shall be given by email to the Academy’s administration team/management. Provided that right to freeze/absence does not apply on inflexible memberships.
  • For the benefit of the member, Inflexible Memberships do not allow members to make up any missed classes/sessions.

Cancelation/Termination of membership in full:

  • Without prejudice of the Academy’s Refund Policy -below-, Members who wish to cancel/terminate their membership shall notify the Academy’s management of such cancelation/termination. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination at the discretion of the Academy if the member does not show up for the class/session for more than 4 sessions.
  • Failure to adhere to the Terms and Conditions set herein, may result in the termination of the Member’s membership by the Academy.

Refund Policy:

  • Members who wish –regardless of their membership Program Plan- to cancel their membership at any time, shall not be refunded with any payments made under any circumstances, including but not limited to the termination of membership for whatever reason is, except if such cancelation was made by the Academy or due to government instructions.
  • The fees are non-refundable unless there are special circumstances (Injuries or surgeries) in which case the refund is at the Academy’s management discretion.

Make up classes:

  • If a member is suffering from a medical condition that prevents participation for 2 weeks or more, the Academy’s Management may consider to provide make up classes for the weeks missed upon the submission of a medical certificate by the concerned Member to the Academy’s Management.


  • All Members, fellows, and guests are required to follow the instructions of the Academy including rules, regulations, and policies as published/instructed in the Academy from time to time or distributed/shared via email or text messages on the same contact details provided at the time of the registration.
  • The Academy’s Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the Academy, or the classes if the Member’s conduct interferes with the safety or comfort of other Member, guests, staff, or the Academy.
  • The Academy’s Management reserves the right to cancel/terminate a membership without refund if conduct interferes with the safety or comfort of the Member, guests, staff, or the Academy.
  • Children who are in the Academy but not participating in classes are to remain under the direct care of an adult at all times. Only participants under the direct supervision of a coach may enter the gymnastics area or any training areas. All other children are asked to refrain from using any gymnastics equipment.
  • Should a member become abusive, violent or disruptive, it is at the discretion of the lead coach to issue a time out in accordance with our discipline guidelines.
  • Parents and/or care givers are not allowed to enter the gymnastics area or any training areas unless special events are planned or an approval from Academy’s Management was obtained.
  • Members are not allowed to take photos or videos of other members.

Drop off and pick up procedure

  • The Academy shall not be responsible for anything out of its premises.
  • Upon the successful attendance registration of the member by the coach, a member is deemed to be attended.

Customer Service

  • The Academy aims to provide its members with high quality customer service at all times, however, if a member is dissatisfied with the level of service, please contact the Academy’s Management.

Social Media Policy

Media Policy

  • The Academy shall obtain general consent to be signed by guardians for photos and videos of members under 18 years of age. Guardians have the right to reject or accept signing the consent.
  • Upon the signatory approval, the Academy may post photos or videos on social media of members  in classes. Photographs will generally relate to the Academy’s activities and include no identifying information.
  • In order for the Academy to keep its social media activity positive and safe, The Academy will ensure that:
  • The Academy’s social media activity will promote Members in a positive and respectful manner.
  • The Academy will not post or accept any content that is offensive, abusive, provocative or intimidating.
  • Social media content should not disclose personal or confidential information about staff, Members or other persons. This includes contact details, ages and gymnast’s surnames.
  • Posts will acknowledge sources of information. They will not breach copyright or intellectual property when using others’ images or text.
  • Photographs will only be uploaded if The Academy has gained consent.
  • You are required to abide by our policy on the use of cameras, video and mobile phones as set herein this Terms and Conditions document.

Understanding risk

  • Due to the nature of activities at the Academy, it is important to understand that the possibility of serious injury exists. It is vital that members follow instructions given to them by coaches to decrease the risk of serious injury. By attending class, it is deemed that members accept all risks associated with such participation.
  • The Academy shall not be responsible for any lost items.
  • Members shall–at all times – ensure that each member’s medical status is disclosed prior to enrolment to any of the Programs, or during the term of their membership.


  • While the Academy does everything it can to make sure its Members train in a safe and secure environment, as with all sports, there is always a risk of injury. Parents, guardians and Members need to be aware that the occasional injury is possible.
  • The Academy has a system in place that requires coaches to assess each injury and provide first aid where required. Where first aid is given, the report is filed and parents are notified. All the Academy’s coaches are first aid certified.
  •  The Academy may commit to provide first aid and immediately contact the member’s guardian at the Emergency Contact Number provided at the time of the registration.

Public Holidays

The Academy’s classes do not operate on Public Holidays or any unplanned holidays, such as -and not limited to- The Saudi Foundation Day.


  • Members must keep their personal details up to date at all times. Any changes should be made via the member’s area in our booking system.
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted.
  • Food and chewing gum are not permitted within the gymnastics and training areas or during classes.
  • No shoes are permitted in the gymnastics or training areas.

Changes to this Policy

  • The Academy has the discretion to update its Policy, procedures, and Terms and Conditions at any time. When so, the existing Members including their guardians will be notified.
  • The Academy has the discretion to update its Policy, procedures, and Terms and Conditions at any time. When so, The Academy will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page and/or published in the Academy’s website.
  • You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions periodically and become aware of modifications.

Last updated – 8th of March 2022