Badge testing week

Aside the fun, progress is of utmost importance to us and is carefully monitored. Our recreational program is tracked through our rainbow badge levels: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, rainbow.

Badge testing week commences every three months. Gymnasts will be formally tested on all the skills in their badge level and given a report card from their coach with their results and feedback.

Kindly note that progression of each child depends on a range of factors such as: natural ability, attendance, age, focus, eating & sleeping habits. Any factors hindering progress will be communicated between coaches and parents.

Recreational Competitions

Participation in competitions is a great way to show-case one’s talent, gain trophies and learn how to perform under pressure! Up-coming event details and competitions will be sent directly to our members.


Our competitive squad will be training around the year for competitions regionally and internationally. Parents of squad gymnasts will be notified directly of competition details and event requirements.